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NEW - Celtic/Gothic/Ethereal/New Age MP3s! [Jul. 19th, 2006|03:02 pm]
Celtic, Gothic, Ethereal and New Age MP3s ready for instant download!

At long last...all Spiral Music is now available in MP3 format to download instantly - for just £3.00/$5.40!

Current albums available:

Philip Le Breton - Magical Encounters

Our first and still best selling recording.

Deeply atmospheric Celtic-Gothic music by Philip Le Breton including Leicestershire small pipes, whistles, bodhran and flutes. Evocative of ancient standing stones, misty woodland and meandering streams, it is both exciting and inspirational.

Philip Le Breton - The Lady of the Lake

The sequel to Magical Encounters. Celtic flavour to the music. Journey across enchanted waters and reach Avalon. Fascinating and restful.

THIS IS NOW OUT OF PRODUCTION. Now available exclusively through Spiral as an MP3!

Philip Le Breton - A Knight's Destiny

Drawing from the stories of King Arthur's companion Knights, Philip Le Breton paints a unique masterpiece from his palette of vivid musical colours. A Knight's Desiny reveals the romance and excitement that make Arthurian saga the Matter of Britain.

Philip Le Breton - The Green Man

Extensively publicised, this recording by Philip Le Breton is a major work. Beautiful and enchanting Celtic-flavoured music that will transport you deep within the world of nature, to a magical land of faeries and elves. With evocative sounds from strings, choirs, flute and Celtic instruments you will hear the Green Man "speak" and "watch" him dance. Reviewed in Prediction magazine. 

Philip Le Breton - Atlantis

Journey deep through the depths to another world - with this evocative msuic all you need do is close your eyes. This stimulating and enjoyable extract incorporates the natural sound of the humpback whale along with a host of other instruments. It is an experience that you will wish to repeat many times.

Muckle Flugga - Celtic Labyrinth

The latest recording release on the Spiral Music label is Celtic Labyrinth - a collection of Celtic and traditional tunes by the talented new band Muckleflugga. Celtic Labyrinth contains over an hour of music performed by masters of the Harp, Flute, Scottish Smallpipes, Whistles, Acoustic Guitars and the Didgeridoo. Everything from foot tapping jigs to hauntingly beautiful laments are here to give a modern voice to songs as old as the hills.

Spiral Journey - The Best of Spiral Music

This Spiral Music best-of collection gives you a unique taste of all the inspirational and evocative music that makes Spiral music special. It contains the most popular tracks/extracts of our recordings.

Brought to you by the Spiral Online Shop

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Genuine Ancient Egyptian Statue of Osiris [Jul. 11th, 2006|04:00 pm]

Genuine Ancient Egyptian Statue of Osiris

Rare and in very high demand, we have finally acquired a genuine ancient Egyptian statue, dating back to 500BC!

The bronze statue, perfectly intact even after 2,500 years, depicts a mumiform Osiris, the Egyptian God of Death and Lord of the Underworld. As typically portrayed, he holds a long crook and flail and wears a plumed atef crown with a frontal uraeus, symbolic of his power.

The statue has a fine blue-green patina and has been professionally "museum cleaned." It is mounted on wooden stand (easily removable).

We can only speculate what this statue was used for for, but considering that it depicts the God of Death, it may have stood as a holy idol in a temple.

Replica Egyptian statues are hugely popular and can sell for hundreds of pounds - here, we're offering the real thing, created in ancient land of pharaohs and pyramids thousands of years ago.

Size: 10.5 cm

This item has been thoroughly checked by experts and comes with a certificate of Unconditional Guarantee of Authenticity.

*Spiral holds no responsibility for any ancient curses, hexes or other spells bestowed on this item!

Click here to view more images of the statue and purchase it TODAY, at the Spiral Online Shop

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The Holy Grail? [Jul. 5th, 2006|11:26 am]
Ancient Wine Cup - The Holy Grail?

Forget what you've read in The Da Vinci Code - could THIS be the true Holy Grail?

Most Grail researchers, including Arthurian expert Richard Cavendish, agree that the true Grail of myth and legend was likely to have been a type of cup. Later legends tell us that this cup was reputedly that which held the holy blood of Christ at the Last Supper. And as fans of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade will know, the real Grail used at the Last Supper would have not been the splendid, jewel-encrusted gold chalice as commonly depicted, but a small, plain and humble wine cup - just like this one. And we're giving you a chance to own it.

This beautiful bronze cup really is ancient, dating from the early Roman era, which places it at about the same time as Jesus. Miraculously, it has remained perfectly intact after 2000 years has developed a wonderful blue-green patina. In some places, the sparkling iridescenc of the bronze can be seen through the patina, giving the cup a slight shimmering appearance from certain angles. It measures 43mm in height.

Is this really the Holy Grail? Perhaps not, but it is an ancient wine cup typical of those used at the time of Jesus - if the Holy Grail as used in the Last Supper did exist, it would have almost certainly looked like this.

Whether Holy or not, this cup is a fabulous and exquisite piece of ancient history, and is both rare and precious in its own right.

This item has been thoroughly checked by experts and comes with a certificate of Unconditional Guarantee of Authenticity.

Click here to view more images and purchase today!

Brought to you by the Spiral Online Shop

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NEW - Re-enactment Swords from John Barnett [Jun. 24th, 2006|01:39 pm]
New Re-enactment Swords

These battle-ready swords are designed for use in re-enactment.

This replica 10th century Norman long sword, with a steel blade and a leatherette bound hilt, is a creation of John Barnett, a renowned swordsmith of the modern era. His swords are perhaps some of the most authentic replicas available anywhere. 

Approx. 108cm in length, 25cm wide cross-guard.

Price: Only £140.00

Click here to view all re-enactment swords and purchase your own today, at the Spiral Online Shop.


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NEW - Need Candles? Get 4 for only £1.00/$1.80! [Apr. 7th, 2006|12:05 pm]

NEW - White Church Candles - 4 for 1 pound!

Candles are always useful, and these long-lasting 20cm tall white church candles are a bargain - get 4 for only £1.00/$1.80!

Buy now!

From the Spiral Online Shop

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NEW - Beautiful Gothic Rose & Cross Notebook [Apr. 6th, 2006|02:57 pm]

Black 'Slate' Effect Leather-Bound Gothic Rose Notebook 

Suitable as a Book of Shadows for spells and incantations, or simply for diaries and notes! 
This fantastic notebook has heavy quality slate effect front and back covers, adorned with an exquisite design of red roses entwining a Gothic cross, set with four red cabochon crystals.

Inside, the book is leather-bound with 100 blank pages, which can be refilled and replaced.

Standard A5 size.

A real treasure!

Price: only £15.00

Click here to buy this book today!

Brought to you by the Spiral Online Shop
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NEW - RYUMON Genuine Practical Katana! [Apr. 5th, 2006|10:20 am]
New - Finest Quality Practical Katana

This magnificent Ryumon Black katana is amongst the finest swords available.  Each hand made sword takes several weeks to manufacture!

The blade is hand folded and is made of carbon steel. By traditional lamination process a hard edge is created white maintaining a softer blade spine which increases the blade's strength, durability and resistance against breakage.The sword's tsuba (guard) is hand crafted in two tone solid bronze. The lacquered saya (Scabbard) is inlaid with brass miniature cherry miniature blossom heads.

The bade in held into the ray skin Tsuka ( hilt) with a removable Mekugi ((Peg) Fine quality Japanese silk is used for the Ito ( braid) and Saeo (cord)

Total length 42 inches, blade 28 inches

The sword comes with outer wooden silk lined box, full cleaning and maintenance kit, certificate of authenticity, and Instruction Reference Guide booklet.

Click here to buy this sword today!

Also new - a genuine RYUMON practice katana!

Click here to purchase a genuine katana today, from the Spiral Online Shop

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NEW - Silver Brooches & Clips [Apr. 4th, 2006|03:35 pm]
 New Silver Brooches and Lapel Clips

This highly unusual yet exquisite lapel clip features a five-leaf design, hand-carved in iridescent green mother-of-pearl. Below, suspended on a moveable hinge, is a large, pretty pink topaz, measuring 16mm in length.

The clip measures 4cm x 2.5cm.

It's one of our new range of Silver Brooches and Lapel Clips.

See these, and more, at the Spiral Online Shop

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NEW - Costume Jewellery! [Apr. 3rd, 2006|02:06 pm]

This beautiful Victorian Black Crystal & Diamonte Collection is one of several new additions to Spiral's "Jewellery Through the Ages" range of Costume Jewellery.

The choker necklace features an intricate design of black cut-glass crystals and diamonte. The complimentary earrings also feature black cut-glass crystals arranged in an attractive pattern. 


Available seperately or as a Suite (Necklace and Earrings set).

Sold in presentation box.

Necklace adjustable from 15"-18"
Earring length: 3cm

Click here to buy now, and view other jewellery in this range!

Brought to you by the Spiral Online Shop
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NEW - Crystals and Fossils [Apr. 1st, 2006|03:14 pm]

Due to popular demand, we are now selling crystals and genuine fossils!

This piece of Natural Quartz Crystal is just one new piece in this range.

Quartz has been used throughout history for its supposed healing qualities and beauty. Many people believe that quartz emits a certain energy, or protects against harmful energies, which can have a beneficial effect on our well being. 

Does it work? Carry one or display one in your home and judge for yourself!


Each piece of quartz is naturally unique in shape and size, measuring between 5cm - 8cm in length. 

Price: Only £5.00 / $9.00!

Click here to purchase today!

See these and more at the Spiral Online Shop!

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