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The Spiral Online Shop

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The Spiral Online

The Spiral Online Shop - Medieval, Celtic and Historical jewellery, weapons and gifts.  Click to enter!

The Spiral Showroom. Samurai swords

The Spiral Show-room in Rochester, Kent.

Are you looking for Celtic, Historical, Gothic or unusual

Or high quality reproduction historical weapons?

Or simply a unique gift for a friend or relative?

Then click here to enter the Spiral Online Shop and start shopping!

Established for over 10 years, Spiral offer a large variety of products that are often unavailable anywhere else.  Our online ordering is secure and encrypted, and our dispatch of orders is very rapid - usually within 24 hours!

Another thing...we are the designers or main distributors of our products - there's no middle man, so our prices are extra low!

You are welcome to visit our showroom at:

173 High Street,




ME1 1EH. 

You can telephone us on 01634

Or fax us on 01634 407985 

Or send us an email at:


The Spiral Online Shop - Medieval, Celtic and Historical jewellery, weapons and gifts.  Click to enter!

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