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NEW - Celtic/Gothic/Ethereal/New Age MP3s! [Jul. 19th, 2006|03:02 pm]
Celtic, Gothic, Ethereal and New Age MP3s ready for instant download!

At long last...all Spiral Music is now available in MP3 format to download instantly - for just £3.00/$5.40!

Current albums available:

Philip Le Breton - Magical Encounters

Our first and still best selling recording.

Deeply atmospheric Celtic-Gothic music by Philip Le Breton including Leicestershire small pipes, whistles, bodhran and flutes. Evocative of ancient standing stones, misty woodland and meandering streams, it is both exciting and inspirational.

Philip Le Breton - The Lady of the Lake

The sequel to Magical Encounters. Celtic flavour to the music. Journey across enchanted waters and reach Avalon. Fascinating and restful.

THIS IS NOW OUT OF PRODUCTION. Now available exclusively through Spiral as an MP3!

Philip Le Breton - A Knight's Destiny

Drawing from the stories of King Arthur's companion Knights, Philip Le Breton paints a unique masterpiece from his palette of vivid musical colours. A Knight's Desiny reveals the romance and excitement that make Arthurian saga the Matter of Britain.

Philip Le Breton - The Green Man

Extensively publicised, this recording by Philip Le Breton is a major work. Beautiful and enchanting Celtic-flavoured music that will transport you deep within the world of nature, to a magical land of faeries and elves. With evocative sounds from strings, choirs, flute and Celtic instruments you will hear the Green Man "speak" and "watch" him dance. Reviewed in Prediction magazine. 

Philip Le Breton - Atlantis

Journey deep through the depths to another world - with this evocative msuic all you need do is close your eyes. This stimulating and enjoyable extract incorporates the natural sound of the humpback whale along with a host of other instruments. It is an experience that you will wish to repeat many times.

Muckle Flugga - Celtic Labyrinth

The latest recording release on the Spiral Music label is Celtic Labyrinth - a collection of Celtic and traditional tunes by the talented new band Muckleflugga. Celtic Labyrinth contains over an hour of music performed by masters of the Harp, Flute, Scottish Smallpipes, Whistles, Acoustic Guitars and the Didgeridoo. Everything from foot tapping jigs to hauntingly beautiful laments are here to give a modern voice to songs as old as the hills.

Spiral Journey - The Best of Spiral Music

This Spiral Music best-of collection gives you a unique taste of all the inspirational and evocative music that makes Spiral music special. It contains the most popular tracks/extracts of our recordings.

Brought to you by the Spiral Online Shop


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2006-12-04 11:19 am (UTC)

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2007-03-23 11:30 pm (UTC)

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2011-04-13 11:44 am (UTC)

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